How to make your walls sparkle

I enjoy everything that’s beautiful and stylish. And I take great effort to surround myself with items that make me feel comfortable and good. My apartment isn’t that big – as I already told you, it’s just a loft. But I tried to furnish it with taste. To tell the truth, the furniture was quite all right as I bought it. But I had to put a lot of work into creating a contemporary ambience and a stylish interior here. Luckily, I stumbled upon a site selling pretty cool paintings that immediately grabbed my attention. Actually, it’s not even a site, it’s the official online gallery of one artist. He showcases and sells his works over the internet and I should say it’s a pretty nice idea. You don’t need to spend the whole day driving around the city from one gallery to another. And I take it he doesn’t have to pay huge commission for getting his art displayed at some chick hall. But that’s beside the point.


So, I took a look through Leonid Afremov’s site – that’s what the artist’s name is – and decided that I can use some of his paintings to cover my sorry walls with style and without extra expenses. I just couldn’t resist all those vibrant colors and amazing images! Canvases by Leonid Afremov have this unexplainable impact on everyone who looks at them:


  • You feel your mood going up, even if you were deeply depressed just a moment earlier.
  • All your troubles vanish like at the wave of a hand.
  • For a few hours after, you feel totally calm and relaxed.


But most importantly, you start noticing the beauty of the world that surrounds you! It’s like becoming a kid again, for a few precious moments. I’m not a sentimental type, but even I can become emotional when looking at something like this.


I must say, I was pretty suspicious about this artist first. I’ve already had a negative experience with online stores and was afraid this time it was going to be the same. But when I learned more about the Leonid Afremov and read an overview of his online shop in my favorite art magazine, I decided there is nothing to fear. Now I cal tell that for sure 🙂 The paintings arrived without a hitch. Each of them was signed by the artist, so I had no doubt I purchased the real thing. So if you plan to shop for art, the best place to do it is Leonid Afremov’s site!


Arcade nostalgia

Do you remember the times when there were no computers and we had to take all our spare change to arcade halls to play our favorite games? I don’t know how about you, but I miss those times terribly! Having everything you want at hand on your computer just isn’t the same 🙂 My favorite was Pacman 🙂 I even watched ‘Pixels’ just to see my 8bit idol on the big screen )) I remember I was willing to skip launch and spend all my money in the nearest coffee shop rather than getting home without playing Pacman 🙂 When I get stinky rich, I’m going to buy an authentic retro Pacman game like this This machine is actually not only restored, but also upgraded with new wiring, new buttons and switches and a brand new LCD monitor. Aside from Pacman, it features 59 other games – a true paradise for a retro arcade fan like me! I remember dying after Space Invaders and Jumping Jack! I guess a machine like that will make an uproar at any party! But until then, I’m going to comfort myself with a mobile version of Pacman…


Hi guys!

I’m Jennifer Ayers and I have no doubt we’ll have fun together 🙂 I’m one of those people who is always on the move and up to something. Is there a new club opening downtown? You are sure to meet me there! Did someone say ‘party’? I’m all for it! As a matter of fact, I work as a party planner myself! I can’t imagine my life without all the hustle and bustle. Some people sell their penthouses and settle down somewhere in the country listening to birds and digging in tomato beds. I’d be bored to death by a life like this! No, I’ll never give up my favorite Manhattan loft, not for anything in the world! Except maybe a loft in Las Vegas 🙂